Monthly Archives: November 2012

G + M

These lovebirds are getting hitched next spring on the beach where they came to the irrefutable conclusion that they were a “they”.  It’s not just their youth that makes me adore them (I can’t deny I envy it), it’s their mutual admiration, their creativity and their contributions to the art community.  They were both deeply involved in establishing MASS Collective in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta, so it was only fitting that we did a shoot celebrating their engagement in the space.

As clients go, I’m very fortunate.  I’m drawn to the laid back and the authentic, and they’re drawn to me.  G + M were relaxed, goofy, and every bit themselves as we wandered around the delicious space and documented an hour in the life of their love, on their terms.

Thank you both for the privilege, and congratulations on finding each other.