“As a singer songwriter, I’ve worked with many incredible photographers.  I definitely count Maigh among them.

Maigh has a way of reaching inside the heart of her subject and giving the viewer a true glimpse into their soul.  I have one of her landscapes framed in my kitchen and, although I’ve never been to the location, it’s as much a part of me as if I had explored it thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a patient, insightful photographer…a fly on the wall to capture your most special moment…look no further!”

– Samantha Murphy, singer/songwriter, musician, recording artist

My husband and I often say to each other, “we need to get Maigh something really nice, something other than Marlay gift certificates,” (although The Marlay rocks [shameless plug] and we know it’s one of her fave spots to edit).  It’s hard to find that perfect thank you gift because nothing measures up to the gifts she’s given us – beautiful, natural family memories. We’ll keep searching for that perfect thank you gift while we raise our two daughters. We can only hope that Maigh will keep capturing our memories.

Amanda Comer

“As a musician, it’s very important to be comfortable in a creative environment with everyone you work with, especially when you’re working on those vital visual assets that you’ll use to represent your creative vision to the rest of the world. Working with Maigh has always been a fantastic experience. Maigh brings a ton of ideas, smiles, and a sharp eye to every shoot, and the final product conveys the love of what she does. We always get a ton of compliments on our photos.”

John McNicholas – The Low Days, The Good Graces

“Working with Maigh is much like her personality: easy going, thoughtful and inspiring! She has the ability to let the shoot just happen and evolve – it never felt forced or manufactured (and the pictures reflect that). Her laid back approach puts everyone at ease which made a 6 am call time that much easier.  Her eye to capture the essence of the artist she was shooting was impressive given that Alia’s personality seemed to come through on film (or memory card).  Maigh is truly skilled at the craft of photography.”

Mother of Alia Christian, recording artist

“With Maigh, I think the proof really is in the pudding, so to speak. Her work really does speak for itself. But what might not be as obvious looking at her photos are her other attributes. She’s very creative, especially when it comes to suggesting settings, expressions, etc. And she’s also very, very patient. For my band’s shoot, we got up at daybreak, which is generally way too early for me to consider doing anything, much less looking pretty. But Maigh’s demeanor, sense of humor, and skill made it really painless, and actually enjoyable, even at 6AM. I would recommend Maigh for any sort of photography shoot.”

Kim Ware, recording artist

Maigh took the promo photos for the band The Good Graces and I am one of the members of the band. The EP we had just finished recording was a very collaborative affair, and our photo shoot proved to be the same. It was an early morning shoot to capture the best golden light, an old, weathered storage hut as a backdrop, and the group of us experimenting with clothes, poses, motions, fireworks, and settings until the right combinations were captured.

Maigh was relaxed and accommodating, controlled and organized, covered all the bases with her range of shots and exposures, and exceptionally represented the essence of the band in both group and individual photographs.

I truly love these photographs. A great photographer brings out the best in their subjects and exposes an inner quality that is difficult to see with the casual eye and more difficult to illuminate in a frozen frame. Maigh’s photographs achieve that in a way that seems so effortless, but is not. Maigh’s humbleness cannot hide that greatness.

Jim Combs, recording artist

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