Baby Levi

A few months back, I took photos of Gwen and her lovely belly.  I’ve been busy since then with an arrival of our own, so I’ve barely lifted the lens.  In fact, Gwen is my last post and that was in September.  Oh, the shame!

Well, here we are, welcoming the arrival of her beautiful and charming son, Levi.  He arrived 12/11, went home 12/15 and on 12/26 I popped over for his first modeling job.  Since then I also had some site issues (which my brilliant friend Robert of WizKid Studios resolved for me today) and, of course, that puppy I mentioned.  Did I mention puppies are A LOT of work?  Did I mention how precious Levi is?  Perfect little fingers and toes and nose and ears and I could have gobbled him up.

Welcome to the world, little man. You hit the parental jackpot.


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