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Beauty & “The Bump”

It’s not hard to take stunning photos of a mother-to-be when she’s as charismatic and photogenic as the lovely Ms. Gwen (not that I’d ever be so bold as to say my photos are stunning, rather that she is).  She’s also a planner, so when you put the two of us together for a morning of snapsnapsnap, you’re in for a morning of epic efficiency.  I had the spot and some ideas for posing, she had the wardrobe and more ideas for posing – we were in and out in an hour with 98 images I love.

Gwen has been a “victim” of my photography for a number of years, and as lame as it sounds to say I was stupid excited to part of this new chapter of her journey…I was.  Am.  Continue to be.

She’s one of those spirits that you come across a handful of times in your life if you’re lucky -  who makes you snort laugh, who encourages you to dream, and who lives with seemingly boundless enthusiasm. I am thankful for her, and envious of her child and the magnificent childhood he/she is in store for.

Please join me in celebrating Ms. Gwen, her man, and their growing Sagittarius bump by enjoying a handful of images from of our magical woodland themed morning by the river.


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merrilee peterson - September 26, 2011 - 6:36 pm

Well, Gwen you make a beautiful mother-to-be!!!! Looking forward to your mom’s announcement that she a grandmother of a ___!!!!!!

I am afraid I have had to retire from the “wet nurse” business, but if you need any referrals I can help you out!

Best of luck and blessings, Your mom’s “hippy” friend